About Us

Who We Are!

Redakh Technologies is an Islamabad-based IT solution provider, leveraging advanced expertise, and vast experiences to help businesses of all types and sizes achieve performance at scale.Redakh Technologies is SECP registered private limited company and member of software export board. We are a technology-focused company with the primary purpose of Offering world-class IT solutions to clients around the globe. At Redakh Technologies, we think that innovation with excellent IT solutions is the way forward, and bringing the greatest products to our clients is our top priority


Our workflow is based on the scenarios provided by our clients. We move at our client’s pace. Meeting the standards and deadlines are part of our core values and  we firmly believe that these factors help us build a smooth communication channel between us and our clients. Our team consists of hardworking and professional enthusiasts striving to provide different IT, e-commerce, and digital services to the best of their knowledge.


Offers a variety of IT solutions to both small and large-scale companies, allow them to lead their respective sectors with ease, simplicity, and little effort. RedakhTechnologies assembles the best tools and strategies to assist businesses in growing

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